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Infinity Court Research & Retrieval Services

Criminal Search

Depending on the jurisdiction, we will search the courts open to public research and perform the methods required for that court – clerk search, public access computer, etc. A report covering county criminal records often includes information regarding the degree of the offense, four dates, case numbers, defendant’s identifiers, counts, statute codes, verdicts, disposition, and sentencing details.

Civil Search

Our county civil litigation search includes cases involving contracts, personal injury, discrimination, eviction, nonpayment or non-return of goods or debt, property damage, and other similar cases.

All records include the date of filing, suit description, disposition date, entire disposition, and publicly available identifiers used to locate the case.

Criminal Search

The Federal Criminal Record Search includes activity tried in Federal District Courts typically involves violations of the Constitution or other federal law. Crimes include interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, immigration violations, fraud, etc.

Civil Search

The Federal Civil Record Search is a check used to determine any civil actions filed by or against the candidate. Such as civil rights issues, antitrust activities, etc.

Due to our research providers being on-site in most courthouses in California we offer a wide range of certified or Non-certified criminal and civil documents retrieval services.

Infinity Court Research & Retrieval, Inc has special arrangements with other local county agencies to retrieve criminal, civil, vital records (Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce), Recorder’s Office (Judgments, Liens, Tax Liens, UCC Filings) Recorder of Deeds (Real Property Transactions and Liens) public documents from all other States County Courthouses and County Recorder’s office.

Search provides the requestor with knowledge regarding past or current liens that may affect their position in financial dealings. Searches can be performed at the State or County level.

Infinity Court Research & Retrieval, Inc (ICRR) report includes 7 to 10 years scope. If you require a criminal / civil background check that goes beyond 10 years, we can provide an extended search to do so please contact us for special arrangements.

Our reporting method will be customized per each client’s requirements. Provide us with your company’s reporting preference or document style and our team will happily implement the reporting style.